Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Shells in the fall

I made it to the beach the other day, FINALLY! It had been far too long. It was a GORGEOUS day at Wrightsville Beach. The last time I was there, the beach was littered with these beautiful jellyfish.. my boyfriend and I had the bright idea of bringing one home to see if we could preserve it someway.. it would have been a nice addition to our seashell/sea specimen collection... alas, its really hard to preserve jellies, so that was a major fail. But the idea was nice and it would have looked lovely! But the day before yesterday provided some cool stuff.. lots of swirlies which I need because Ive been using up most of my good swirlies for some projects.. lots of olives which is weird because there was just one spot where there were tons of them.. found a big rusty bolt that I think is really neat. Heres a looksy at our adventure.

Lovely afternoon

This is one of hundreds of jellyfish that were washed up
Found a live starfish in the water.. I have been finding more and more of them as of late
Look at all those shell bits! 

Olives & scallops & babyears!
Swirlies & augers & even 2 shark teeth found by my boyfriend..I wish it was me who found them!
The big rusty bolt that washed up on Wrightsville Beach.. I dont know why but I really like this guy!  

Here is my little mirror covered in swirlies.. this was my first attempt at making a shell mirror and I was fairly pleased with how it turned out. 
This is what I've dreamed of doing with my swirles.. making one giant swirly out of swirlies... I absolutely love it!!
So thats what I've been up to.. I cant wait til I can go back out to the beach and see what I can find..