Saturday, August 20, 2011

Kure & Wrightsville Beach

So the pics Im posting are a combination of from almost a month ago at Kure Beach and some more recent stuff from Wrightsville Beach. At Kure, it was my first time going and it was awesome! Full of different things that I dont usually see at the other beaches. For starters, I found my first starfish! I mean I've found them before but not dead so I can keep it! I found a little guy and one that was missing an arm. I also found plenty of live ones that washed up that I did my best to return to the sea. I also found the TINIEST sand dollar. He is so little and cute and I love him. Also found a good amount of false angel wings, some shark teeth and a spiny jewel box! All in all, its been a pretty good month!

Some false angel wings, scallops and swirlies

The tiniest baby sand dollar! Isnt he the cutest?!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Busy shelling summer!

Man, I have been slacking on this! I've had quite the busy summer though. I spent a month at my most favoritest place, Topsail Island. During that time I did a lot of shelling.. My main goal was to find a ton of shark teeth.. and I think I succeeded! By the end of my trip and searching all over, I ended up with 942 teeth! There were plenty of small ones but I found some real nice ones too! Besides that, I found tons of broken moon snail shells to add to my bowl of swirlies, scallops, baby ears and I even found a wentletrap which I've always wanted to find! Still no complete scotch bonnet but I found several busted ones.. Im getting closer to a complete one! Here's a look at my finds from the first two weeks of my trip! I had boat access during that time so I was able to find a significant amount more than the last two weeks of my stay.

Sooo many shark teeth. The shark tooth hunting this year was the best its ever been! Significantly better than Wrightsville Beach!
Shark teeth & sand dollars!
A closer look at some of the nicer shark teeth

Not too shabby if I do say so myself! 
 After my third week and doing the majority of my hunting on the sound side I had some different stuff.. like lots of coral bits, worm shells pieces and some pen shells. Also A LOT of baby ears. I was finding them left and right! Here is a gander at what I got:

These were some of my favorite little finds, I really liked these two worm shells and two baby sea urchin skeletons.. and My Wentletrap, isnt he cute?!

Thats all for now until I find my other pictures!