Saturday, August 20, 2011

Kure & Wrightsville Beach

So the pics Im posting are a combination of from almost a month ago at Kure Beach and some more recent stuff from Wrightsville Beach. At Kure, it was my first time going and it was awesome! Full of different things that I dont usually see at the other beaches. For starters, I found my first starfish! I mean I've found them before but not dead so I can keep it! I found a little guy and one that was missing an arm. I also found plenty of live ones that washed up that I did my best to return to the sea. I also found the TINIEST sand dollar. He is so little and cute and I love him. Also found a good amount of false angel wings, some shark teeth and a spiny jewel box! All in all, its been a pretty good month!

Some false angel wings, scallops and swirlies

The tiniest baby sand dollar! Isnt he the cutest?!

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  1. The turquoise sea glass is beautiful and I see you found a mermaids purse. The shell colors are so interesting to me because they are so much darker than what I find I Sanibel. I have to Google Earth your beaches.