Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Shell display

Well I havent been able to go shelling due to the weather not cooperating.. So I have been focusing my efforts on displaying my shell collection. I really love my living room. Its a work in progress, but so far it is coming right along. I love finding little display boxes to put shells in and have been very lucky as of late.. there is an awesome little resale shop that always provides me with incredible finds. Heres a gander at what I have been working on..

I particularly love the spice rack that was my parents when they first married.. I put different types of shells in each one and I love the way it turned out!
Got this thing at my resale store. It was gold and cheap.. so spray painted it and put some shells in it and now it looks lovely on my wall!

My boyfriend made this shelf for me to go above the TV and display some of our larger shells

I bought this awesome old box the other day. Not sure exactly how Im going to use it but I cant wait to play with it!

Heres another shot of it. Right now I just stashed all my silver shells in there just to to put them some where... but Im still not entirely sure how I am going to use it.. if anyone has any ideas, please let me know!

Not a great picture, but I just wanted to show this old printers drawer that I got and absolutely cannot wait to turn it into a beautiful shell display. That will be quite a project but I look forward to it! Its so awesome!  

So thats what I've been up to! Hooray for shells!

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  1. OMG-I am so glad I found your blog! LOVE, love, love your displays. The spice rack is genius. I also like how you have the horseshoe crab hanging on the wall. How did you mount that? Did you find that on the beach? I have a perfect one but its not nearly that size. I'd love to hang it on the wall like that. I am SO stealing your great ideas!