Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Starfish & Sea Urchins!

Went to Kure Beach for some fun in the sun.. and fun it was! It was quite a day. My boyfriend and I couldn't stop finding all sorts of treasures, most notably lots of starfish and sea urchins! But there were other random cool things, like a piece of some kind of animals jaw, a giant crab claw, fossilized barnacles, plenty of scallops, and lots of sea sponge and sea whip type stuff. Lots of good stuff for decorating! Here is a gander:

Look at all that good stuff and such pretty colors!

You can see some of the bones in this one

The fossilized barnacles! There is an awesome swirlie in there! I did not find this unfortunately so no bragging rights for me.. but luckily I get to look at it everyday!

The other side of fossilized barnacles

All our starfish and sea urchins cleaned and drying!

Great shelling day!

Great day.. just sad its over.. until the next time..

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