Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I am the biggest slacker ever! I havent been going to the beach nearly as much as I should be.. and now its back to paying for parking which really annoys me. I went yesterday and didnt find diddly squat.. but luckily I have some things that I found since my last post forever ago.. Lets see what I have.. but for starters, here is a beautiful sunrise from my most favorite place, Topsail Beach!

Shark tooth!

This was a good sand dollar day! I even found one more after this picture was taken!

Just another beautiful day at my favorite spot

I really like this Great White sharks tooth

Heres another look..

And I love love love this pretty little scallop.. such a beautiful color

And some overall pics.. not a whole lot but enough to get me through!

My teeth! And a tiny little whelk

 And lastly, my little helper.. Everytime Im cleaning shells and laying them out, this little guy is always in on the action!

So thats whats been going on the past couple of months.. hopefully now that the weather is getting nicer , I will be more inclined to shell more and post more!


  1. I sure hope so - I've missed your posts. I SO want to visit your beach!!

  2. My reader still isn't updating your posts for me Shelly. GRRRRR! I just got this one today. Anyway....

    BEAUTIFUL sunrise!!! I love when the sky is in pinks and purples. It's so pretty.

    You've had some pretty great finds!

    Your kitty is gorgeous! What's it's name?

  3. love the beach too, headed to SC at the end of this month for a week on Litchfield Beach, just South of Myrtle Beach. WIll be collecting shark teeth and any different looking shells from what we've collected the last few years there... Moving to central NC in the next month or two, so will be checking out NC beaches as, maybe we'll run into you.... HIT THAT BEACH MORE

  4. I could, quite literally, beach comb our gorgeous soul-calming NC beaches for the remainder of my life... love it when I come across kindred spirits such as yourself :) Thank u for sharing your gorgeous treasures, and beautiful kitty's pic as well. Desiree