Tuesday, January 31, 2012

White Sharks Tooth!

I have been meaning and meaning to post.. I kept holding off until I found just one more cool thing.. but I was being greedy and never found that one more thing I was looking for.. but that's okay.. I have a white sharks tooth! I have never found a non fossilized sharks tooth before, so that was very exciting. I actually found two, one is all the way white and the other has a lot of dark spots. I was at my usual spot at Wrightsville Beach and just happened to be already bent over looking at something else when I accidently noticed this guy!

Exciting stuff for me! And then shortly after that I found the more darker one.. that was a good day!

You can see all the dark stuff inside of them.. They are much lighter and whiter now. Here are some other pictures from a few of my adventures.. Here was this poor starfish who was stranded.. I found him a nice spot in the water.

And then I found a sand dollar which was the first one I found after my little streak I was having the other month..

Hooray for sand dollars. Here was a nice shot I liked, courtesy of my boyfriend:

And heres a look at the things I have found recently..
And I love this baby lightening whelk.. cute stuff! 

And one last shot of my lovely white teeth.. I particularly like the super extra pointy things on each side of the teeth.. what are those called? I never know, but they are VERY sharp on that solid white one!

So that's what Ive been up to.. Its been kind of cold but today it will be in the upper sixties! I plan on making it to the beach at some point today, I would be stupid not to!


  1. Those are awesome! I've never seen those little side teethy things. And those teeth are so large. Nice find!

  2. Great finds! I've never seen sharks teeth like these before. The tiny teeth on the sides are very cool!

    I missed this post! It wasn't in my google reader. I noticed you had a new(er) post from another blog. (you are in the blog list!) I have followed you again, and I hope it sticks this time.

    Take care!

  3. white onces are from recent sharks, where as the black ones are actually fosilized ancient ones....