Thursday, December 22, 2011

I absolutely love shark teeth

I have been one slacker sheller... And I dont even have a real good reason except maybe the weather hadnt really been as  warm as it could of been.. but even when it was warmer I couldnt motivate to go... but finally a few days ago I got my butt in gear and went.. and boy was I glad I did. It was just what I needed, a nice little reminder of why I love to beach comb so much! As I've said before, I never really find shark teeth on Wrightsville beach which is weird because I find them much more frequently on surrounding beaches.. but I found a few decent ones and it made my day! It was weird, I thought to myself how I wanted to find some shark teeth and then decided to actually bend over and get a closer look and then poof there was this guy:

But then it only got better because I found an even nicer one!

Nothing quite brings me the joy that finding nice shark teeth does..Shark tooth hunting is how I even got into shelling! I hunted for shark teeth every summer at the beach for my entire life and only in the last couple years really started paying attention to all the other awesome beach stuff out there! But still, the rush I get from finding a nice sharks tooth.. well, its immeasurable! Best feeling in the world! So my second favorite thing to find is  probably baby sand dollars.. I mean really, how could anyone not love small sand dollars?! So I found my second littlest sand dollar ever! Its not perfect but its good enough for such a little guy! He is so freaking cute I can hardly stand it. Here he is where I found him..

What a great day it was. Really got me back into the shelling spirit! Heres everything from that day.. not a whole lot but with shark teeth and a baby sand dollar, its fine by me!

I just love this little fellow so much!

Also found an olive with a tiny little shell stuck in it and I cant get it out and its driving me mad! I want that little shell!

But wait... I still have one last thing to show you! This is from a seperate trip to the beach a couple days ago.. I was saving the best for last... So I'm strolling down the beach.. the tide is almost high and Im not finding much.. but then I come across this...:

I about peed my pants.. I havent found a sharks tooth this nice on a regular ole populated beach since I was like 9. I could not believe it. I kept telling myself it was a Christmas miracle!! Heres a better look

Shes a beauty.. and I love her so very much.. and I cant stop looking at and messing with it.. Im pretty sure I want to turn this into a necklace or something so I can carry it with me always! I have bigger and better shark teeth than this guy but for some reason this one is super special to me.. maybe because I found him somewhere that I least expected..I think that is it, finding something super awesome when I absolutely least expect it.. best feeling ever!!!!

So thats what I've been up to.. I hope to get out there again soon and find some more neat stuff! I hope whoever reads this has a very merry holiday and a happy new year!!


  1. AWESOME shark tooth! I agree, being on the beach and just beach combing in general is the best. It will be months before I can get back to the beach, so blogs like yours help satisfy that itch! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

  2. Beautiful images, I love this post.
    I hope you are having an amazing time for the holidays next to your beloved ones.
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  3. WOW Shelly! That is a nice tooth! What a super find! Now I'm really jonzin' to get to the beach.

    I hope you had a Merry Christmas, and that you have a wonderful bright and shiny New Year!