Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Its been a good few days!

I have been a busy little bee at the beach! I've been going on some pretty cold, windy and foggy days.. and no one is out there then, its wonderful. So very peaceful. Heres a summary of my last few outings.

It was all gray but then the clouds started opening up and the lighting made everything extra beautiful.

And I saw this..

Not a bad sand dollar if I do say so myself!
Also saw some dead stuff.. A dead puffer fish..

And this poor guy..

And lastly a dead bird

And another sand dollar!

Overall its been a grand few days.. Heres my spread:

I really like bones and have been finding a decent amount of bird bones lately so here they are:

Some other highlights include this small pen shell that is mostly in tact

A flat scallop.. I only have one other of these..

This super cute, in tact kittens paw

And lastly the fossilized vertebrae.. I believe its from a shark

And thats all I have for today! Until the next time!


  1. Great pictures. I want to visit your beach!

  2. Love the kitten paw and the sand dollars. You picked up some nice shells Lucky you!!

  3. Hi Shelly! Thanks for your sweet comments! I am excited to see what you do with your tree next year, after you have a year to make and collect more things for it! My shell tree has been so much fun for me, and I love coming up with new items and shells for it. I would have emailed you, but you are a no reply blogger :( If you add your email to your profile, I think that does it...you may need to check another box or something??? Just Google it! :D