Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Shells make the world go round

I went to the beach last Thursday. I have been meaning to write this post but have been busy preparing for my favorite holiday, Halloween! It was a warm, absolutely beautiful yet windy day on Wrightsville Beach. I love the view from the top of the entrance..

I rushed down to the water as I usually do and to my surprise there was a whelk just sitting there waiting for me! 

I just knew that meant I was going to find oodles of shells... not so much.. but thats okay, when I finally got to the tide pools I saw a stunning swirly sticking out of the sand I just knew it was going to be a pretty one..

I love when they are half buried.. its so exciting because you never know what the other half is going to look like.. but luckily this guy turned out to be beautiful.

So here is a look at everything I found, which isn't much.. but I will take what I can get until the next time..

I love this black scallop.. I find them occasionally and they look older than most of the scallops I find.. its like they are slightly off.. slightly crooked or something.. I dont know what it is but I like it!

And heres a looksy at the whelk I found

Thats all, folks! As of today its officially free parking at the beach and I plan on taking advantage of that as much as possible! Hopefully I will have more sea treasures to share soon!


  1. OMG that is a gorgeous whelk! The knobbies are even nice on it, and I love that gray color. Nice finds Shelly!

  2. 1. The name of your blog made me laugh out loud!
    2. I LOVE that shell!!
    3. Thanks for the follow!! I featured you today and those amazing shelves displaying all your beach finds!

  3. I'm enjoying your blog. NICE whelk! I also like the bit of sea glass - always a bonus.