Friday, November 11, 2011

Four days of shelling!

I have been on fire lately! I have gone to the beach for the past four days in a row and it has been awesome. Its been jellyfish central though.. thousands washed up on the beach. If I never have to step on and slip and slide on another jellyfish again.. that would be grand. Its the most ickiest feeling, but you gotta do what you gotta do in order to satisfy your shelling needs! For a month or two now, every time I have gone to the beach all I want to find is a sand dollar.. I feel like its been too long! So dont you know I found a perfect one my first day.. and then one my second day I found another one.. and the same on the third day. By the time I was on my fourth day I stopped wishing for it because I felt like that was pushing my luck.. but sure enough I found one last  perfect one!

Here's all four of them!

I love them so. Moving on.. I didn't find anything unusual really.. Plenty of scallops, whelks, olives and augers.. I did save a little starfish from death.. also found like six bones and found a decent sized busted shark tooth chunk. I just want to say that my pictures are pretty lame! I should have lots but alas, my camera stopped working correctly a couple months ago.. it got sand in it from bringing it to the beach too much.. Its very frustrating not having my little camera to whip out and take pics of whatever I want.. I try to use my phone camera, but it just cant compare.. And I tried sneaking my boyfriends big fancy camera to the beach.. but I was so paranoid that I would get sand in it and then I would be in big trouble! So I'm doing the best I can with what I got! Heres a picture of my lovely beach.. I took this with my phone hoping it would show the sparkles of the all the dead jellies up and down the beach.. but it did not. Still pretty though!

Here is my shark tooth chunk.. I rarely find teeth here so I was quite excited.. every time I'm shelling, Im always convinced this is going to be the time I'm going to find my one big giant shark tooth to make up for all the ones that I dont find.. this has yet to happen.. but someday it will!!

Thats really all I have to share. Its been a great four days and I hope to keep this momentum up!!

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