Saturday, November 12, 2011

What a great day!

Today was AWESOME! Started off as any other day at the beach.. a little colder than it has been but still beautiful! Took me awhile to start finding some good stuff. First of all, I find whelks all the time.. but they are mostly old weathered, black ones.. never nice pretty ones. But today there was a tiny little tide pool in the middle of the beach that had this in it!

I was quite excited.. how no one found this before me I do not know. There were lots of people out on the beach and as you can see it didnt just wash up, it had been there for awhile. Isnt it pretty though?! 

After that my day was already made! But then shortly after that don't you know I found another perfect sand dollar! 

Again my day had been made! I also found a tusk shell which Ive never found before.. it really does look like a little tusk, its pretty cute!

The one last thing that made my day was a starfish that had gotten beached.. I was hoping to rescue him but he was already a goner.. although that makes me sad, I am glad I get to keep him! I rarely find them dead.

What a grand day. Heres a gander at everything I found.

Not bad for North Carolina shelling! I just want to show a couple other favorites from today.. my favorite scallop:

I also really enjoy shells or anything that has coral attached to it..

And last but not least, my pretty sand dollar.. right next to one that is covered in gunk.. I kind of like it that way and may just leave it as is

So all in all, it was a very satisfying excursion!! I hope to go back out tomorrow!


  1. LOVE the razor clams!! Looks like a great day to me!!

  2. You had a super shelling day! What terrific finds! Thanks for sharing ;)