Friday, May 27, 2011

And the shelling never stops..

So I was able to get some shelling in, thank goodness! I hit Wrightsville Beach twice and was able to go to my all time favorite beach, Topsail. I had shark teeth on the brain and I never seem to find many at Wrightsville. Anyway here are some shots from my little adventures!

A lovely sunset evening for some shelling

I found another live moon snail! I love how I've never seen a live one before and now I've found two within a week! They are such cool little creatures.. I really enjoy finding and observing them.. and then of course releasing them!
I was also super excited to find this guy. I just learned about the scotch bonnet and have been dying to find one! Too bad a big ole hermit crab was residing in there.. but thats okay, at least I've actually seen one now! Very beautiful shells!
Some of my findings from an evening trip to Wrightsville
More findings.. Most of this is from Topsail. Lots of jingle shells, they were just so shiny and pretty I couldnt resist!
Didn't find many shark teeth, but I did find some. I will take what I can get!!
Im sure glad I stocked up on my shelling this week because with the holiday over the weekend the beaches will be very crowded.. and well.. I don't do so well with crowds. So until next time...

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