Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My first post!

I went shelling yesterday for about three hours.. the only reason I stopped was because the sun was setting and I could no longer see very well! I was VERY excited to find a mostly there sand dollar.. and then towards the end of my adventure I found a starfish! That definitely was the highlight of my day! In all my many years of shelling, I've never come across a starfish on the beach. He wasn't near the tide line, but he was still alive! As much as I wanted to keep him, I just couldnt.. I'm not that kind of person! And I hope no one is. If its still alive, ALWAYS put back.  I also found a couple shark teeth which excited me. I have only found one shark tooth on Wrightsville Beach.. which is weird because at the beaches surrounding it, I find them all the time. There was also an abundance of Augers. Here are some pics of my finds!
The sand dollar

My loot!

The starfish!

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