Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My fix

I finally made it out to the beach yesterday to squeeze in some shelling time. I hadn't gone in like five days which is quite awhile for me! I was hoping in that time the ocean would turn up some new stuff. The beach definitely had more shell beds than the last time I was there. Low tide was at like 8PM, which I particually like because I will go a few hours earlier than that and the crowds have died down and I dont have to pay to park after 6! I was there for a good 3 and a half hours! Found some cool stuff. 

I really enjoyed finding this guy.. its a moon snail and was still alive and a big slimy mess! His shell was beautiful, Im sorry I didnt get a better pic. It was pretty neat holding him. I took him a little further down the beach and released him in a safer spot   

A sand dollar I found. I thought he pretty nifty while his splat like shape and all those barnacles.. but alas the barnacles came off as they always do.

It was just so damn pretty I had to take some pics! It was so wonderful and peaceful.. I had a good half an hour of shelling with NO ONE around, it was incredible! 


This was everything I found at the end of the day. Not a huge lot, but I was able to get my fix and that is all that matter!

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